We can offer  full cable calculation from main source to final circuits.

Cable Construction

The basic characteristics of the cable’s physical construction, which includes:

  • Conductor material – normally copper or aluminium
  • Conductor shape – circular or shaped
  • Conductor type – stranded or solid
  • Conductor surface coating – plain (no coating), tinned, silver or nickel
  • Insulation type –  PVC, XLPE, EPR
  • Number of cores – single core or multicore (2C, 3C, 4C or 5C)

Installation Conditions

How the cable will be installed, which includes:

  • Above ground or underground
  • Installation / arrangement – for underground cables, is it directly buried or buried in conduit? for above ground cables, is it installed on cable on trays/ ladders/ basket/ trunking, against a wall, in air, etc.
  • Ambient or soil temperature of the installation site
  • Cable bunching – the number of cables that are bunched together
  • Cable spacing – whether cables are installed touching or spaced
  • Soil thermal resistivity (for underground cables)
  • Depth of laying (for underground cables)
  • For single core three-phase cables, are the cables installed in trefoil or laid flat?
  • Total number of grouped circuits
  • Cables in parallel

We doing calculation with standard parameters however is not problem do special.


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